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The Legality of Sharing and Selling DJ Mixes

Legality of DJ Mixes

So you want to know the different legal aspects of promoting or selling your DJ mix? There are some straight answers to the legal landscape, but as you will discover, the common practices may not always follow the same set of rules. As you read this article, keep in mind your personal situation by answering the following questions for yourself: What kind of music does your DJ mix contain? Is the music mainstream and popular? Is it underground or produced

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Best Sites to Share Your DJ Mix Online

Soundcloud Home

So you’ve been working hard on perfecting your skills, you learned about recording your DJ mixes and finally have a mix you want to share with the world. Great – now the next question is where do you share your mix? We have gathered a list of sites where you can share your DJ mixes online, for free! Most of these sites require creating an account, but by doing so you allow other DJ’s to contact you about your mix.

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