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List of Average Tempo (BPM) By Genre

If you need reference on the average BPM of any genre of music normally spun by DJ’s then use the list below as reference: dub/reggae: 60-90 bpm downtempo/chillout: 90-120 bpm deep house: 120-125 bpm house: 120-130 bpm tech house: 120-130 bpm electro house: 125-130 bpm progressive house: 125-130 bpm trance: 130-135 bpm dubstep: 130-145 bpm techno: 130-150 bpm hard house: 145-150 bpm jungle: 155-180 bpm drum and bass: 165-185 bpm hardcore/gabber: 160-200 bpm These are just some rough estimates. You

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