Best Sites to Share Your DJ Mix Online

soundcloud-homeSo you’ve been working hard on perfecting your skills, you learned about recording your DJ mixes and finally have a mix you want to share with the world. Great – now the next question is where do you share your mix?
We have gathered a list of sites where you can share your DJ mixes online, for free! Most of these sites require creating an account, but by doing so you allow other DJ’s to contact you about your mix. Lets go!

Update: We have been reading several reports where users have run into copyright violation when uploading to Soundcloud. For this reason we suggest using Mixcloud to upload your mixes as you shouldn’t run into similar problems.

If you do want to stick with Soundcloud, you can keep your mix from being removed by making sure you stay away from starting your mix with a direct intro into a track. Instead fade in or use some sort of overlay to make sure the waveform doesn’t match the original track. Also disabling downloads makes it so mixes stick better.

For more information read our writeup on copyright issues and DJ mixes.

Now what? Time to Share!

So you’ve uploaded a bunch of mixes online and they’ve been accepted, now what? Lets get some traffic to those mixes. Getting your mixes noticed can be a tough thing to do, but with a little persistence and some social sharing we can make it happen.

  • Start by finding some users with similar mixes to yours on each of the sites you uploaded your mix to and asking them to listen to your mix – mention you listened to their mix to get their attention.
  • Send your mix to your friends and ask them to give you feedback. If they like your mix then ask them to share it on their social accounts like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Join some DJ chatrooms or forums and post your mix for others to listen to.
  • Email DJ’s you respect directly and ask them for feedback.

There are countless ways to share your mix, the key here is pushing it as hard as you can! Don’t forget to mention you want to start playing out, who knows you might get an offer back from one of the sources you contact and it could mean your next gig!

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